I have been working in digital for the last 15 years, both here and in Australia. The majority of time has been in the UK, where I have predominately worked in a freelance/consultative roles for a range of organisations. These include design houses, advertising agencies, and increasingly, through direct work commissions. Such organisations include the BBC, Channel 4, DK, Bloomsbury, Vodafone, OneDotZero and through agencies like Grey, MadeByMany, Seren Partners, and Velti.

I currently work with a number of start-ups, some in the US, as their sole designer, helping define the product offering through continuous pivots.

Yet another facet is the other company I run, Bottlerocket ltd. Born out of my own experience as a father, its aim is to develop a range of learning apps for the children’s market.

What do I do?

I craft robust UX and UI design for products and services – solutions that get deep under the skin of any brief.

I do this in a number of ways:

Creative direction, UX and UI Design

As a UX and UI designer I am comfortable at all stages of the design process, from site architecture, wireframes all the way through to the visual interface. This authoring of the entire User Experience gives me a wider perspective of any project I undertake, and is vital to great design work. As a creative director, this ability helps fuel confidence in the creative solutions when presenting the overall vision to management or to cross disciplinary teams.

Product design

I make products – not only my own, but other peoples. As an author I can help steer the product development strategy, working closely with development and management teams to help find, define and engage the market. This also means I am acutely aware of how to engage with customers, both through the initial product development process through to launch and beyond. Almost all my projects involve running and steering user testing sessions as a UCD process is a vital component in understanding your market.


I develop iOS applications and prototype in HTML/CSS and Axure. My exposure to differing development environments provides a excellent foundation for any UI and UX design I execute, for its roots are design thinking born from product execution. As a designer, being able to author my own work in this way is vital in allowing me to get things from my head-space into the real-world space, to test, and validate assumptions in front of a real audience.

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